Grafo lets you design knowledge graphs the same way you present them: visually.

Connect your concepts

It should be easy to design a knowledge graph, but existing products - while powerful - are frequently difficult to use. We've designed a system from the ground up for ease of use, while ensuring that it remains robust enough to develop incredibly complex data models.

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Complete Toolkit
Everything you need to create, manage, and evolve your Knowledge Graphs: RDF & Property Graph.
Invite your team to edit your documents with you in real-time.
Participate in threaded comments at the object level.
Document History
Every change is tracked. View and revert to old versions effortlessly.
Import and Export
Import and Export both OWL and TTL documents. More formats coming soon.
Quickly search and find concepts, attributes and relationships in your document.
Professional Grade
Commercial solutions hosted in world class cloud infrastructure. Performant, secure and reliable.
Free/Student level or Premium subscription for less than the price of two lattes a month.

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