Privacy Policy

We're not quite ready to craft the lengthy, nearly unreadable wording that every company seems destined to have for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages, but rest assured that our intentions are to:

  • Have Grafo be available 24x7 with as little downtime as practical.
  • Use best security practices to protect your knowledge graphs from the world's bad guys.
  • Listen to and act upon your important feature/fix requests and deliver great value for the nominal monthly fee.
  • Never sell your personally identifiable information or use it for nefarious reasons (although there's little to worry about because we only store your name and email address).
  • Use reputable third-parties such as Braintree (for eCommerce) and SendGrid (for emails) to protect your data and ensure it stays safe.
  • Responsibly leverage your Grafo usage patterns and knowledge graphs to inform our company's direction and help create a better product for you.